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Critical Repairs and Reclamation

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Critical Repairs and Reclamation

Critical Repairs and Reclamation of plant spares with extended life while practicing state of the art Arconomic™ process, Vibroshield wels process and system to salvage damaged / worn- out sophisticated component/parts of Pump, Compressor, Turbine, Gearbox, shafts, Rotors, Cylinders, Engine Blocks, Heavy Earth Moving Machines, Locomotives, Process Plant & Machinery etc

Industrial plant spares are subject to wear and tear and often fail prematurely. SASI has advance technologies of repair and rebuilding which make the spare serviceable and extend its service life.
At SASI the repairs of individual component is scientifically designed and carried out with a systematic approach.
The technologies developed and practiced are

This process is used to compensate wear and to provide special surface properties to improve hardness, toughness, combat wear & corrosion etc. In this technology, the specially formulated metal particles are sintered at very high velocity (3 to 4 MACH) and at cryogenic temperature (-) 20 degree C on the surface of the component, resulting fused, dense coating with required properties.

Components like crankshaft journals, turbine rotor bearing journals, Hi speed shafts/ spindles, housings, cylinders, Piston rods, Rotors, ID/FD/PA fan Shaft etc where wear has taken place are being attended with performance guarantee.

In this metal addition technology the component is subject to a sinusoidal wave front of sub resonance frequency  from  three  different  axis  and  the  metal  addition  is  done  by  specialized method  to  obtain  same  grain  flow  pattern  as  of  original  thereby  maintaining  designed strength  of  the  component.  The  stresses  are  immediately  relieved  as  each  and individual grain has energy to regain its defined position. This metal addition process not only retain original grain pattern but also has various benefits such as:

  • Fusion to have good bond strength  
  • No inductance of stresses  
  • No physical distortion of the Job  
  • No change in grain flow pattern and grain alignment.
  • Maintain design strength of the component for application

It is used to retrieve cylinder, valve  blocks, Manifold and component subject to high pressure, broken shafts, precipitated hardened (PH) steel, HCHcr and other varieties of high performance alloy steel.

We are regularly attending parts such as:

Turbine Motor   Cylinders High Speed Shaft Trunion Bearing
Engine Block Labyrinth Barrels Screw element/ Lobe Rotor / Armature
Large Pistons   Pinion Bearings Rebabbiting  
Valve Block   Coupling Connecting & Piston Rod  
    Plungers Gears & Geared Shaft  


  1. •  Gate, Ball, MOV, Stem Valves
  2. • White Metal Lining
  3. • Housings / Casings
  4. • Slewing Bearings
  5. • Manifold
  6. • Suction – Discharge Valve
  7. • Shaft sleeve
  8. • Spline Shaft
  9. • Turbine Shaft
  10. • Turbo Charger Shaft
  11. • Wiping Cylinder
  12. • Valve Guide
  13. • Tie Rod
  14. • Pulveriser Shaft
  15. • PA/FD/ID Fan shaft
  16. • Lantern
  17. • Journal Housing
  18. • Impeller Shaft
  19. • Impeller
  20. • Gear Box and gearbox housing
  21. • End Covers
  22. • Flange
  23. • Diffuser
  24. • Cylinder Roll
  25. • Crosshead & Shoe
  26. • Blower etc.

From 30gms up to 30 tons weight with a accuracy in concentricity, perpendicularity and Parallelity in 3 to 5 microns for lighter jobs and heavy machining in 10 to 15 microns.

The quality of each job performed is assured by various checks at different level of operation and entire process is carried out by highly skilled and trained team.
The quality and inspection department headed by well experienced engineers is having sophisticated equipment ensuring quality to obtain desired service life of the component repaired.
We provide 3rd party inspection from LRIS , TUV, BV, ICS , etc. as per client needs.

Machining and testing facilities (link to provide)