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Engine block

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Engine block

Engine block or cylinder block – is consider the ” backbone ” of the engine to which all other parts are bolted or attached. Some  Car manufacturers mass produced engine blocks but some made it one at a time for special cases. They used compacted sand and resin or sand cast to be it’s mold. They put a thin amount of carbon ( by torch ) that acts as a lubricant so that the molten metal will flow smoothly to the spaces of the sand cast. The raw molten metal is heated about 1300 deg. F  before it will be poured in to the cast.  After some time it will become a super strong aluminum alloy. They used powerful x-ray to scan the engine block to see if there is any microscopic cracks or floss in the metal. Slight vibration from a defect in the engine will be magnified at high speed and the engine could fail.