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A crankshaft contains two or more centrally-located coaxial cylindrical ("main") journals and one or more offset cylindrical crankpin ("rod") journals. The two-plane V8 crankshaft pictured ... Read More

What is your process of salvaging/reconditioning a crankshaft?

In Arconomic system of reconditioning the crankshaft is subjected to following procedure to ensure trouble free extended service life. 01. To carry out Vibration Stress Relieving of ... Read More

I have crankshaft with heavy Run out of approximately 3.00 mm can it be straightened without applying heat or pressure?

With Arconomic system of reclamation no external energy of any kind including heat or mechanical is given to the component that may cause residual stresses ... Read More

In my crankshaft the oil seal seat, pulley/gear/flywheel/vibration dampner seat is damaged. Is it possible to rebuild them to original sizes in same line with other journals?

Yes it is very much possible to rebuild such seat with required concentricity to required sizes without adding any heat or stresses to the component. ... Read More

I feel vibration in my machine and feel crankshaft needs balancing. Is it possible and my contention is correct?

The vibrations are because of rotation of mass out of axis. In case of crankshaft such mass may be pulley, flywheel, vibration dampner or gear ... Read More

Please let me know which of these crankshafts are repairable and what are the probable cause of cracks?

In my few crankshafts I found following crack pattern:a) Longitudinal crack in journal parallel to axis of rotation. The crack does not reach fillet radii. ... Read More

What Is The “Arconomic®” Process

This process is used to provide coating to compensate wear, loss of dimension, to obtain special surface property like corrosion resistance, hard and tough coating, ... Read More

What is Vibroshield® weld Process

It is a process of metal addition for compensation of wear or loss of dimension of a forged component having definite grain alignment and flow ... Read More


These are the process of Re Babbiting/ White Metal Lining of Bearings & Assemblies by centrifugal casting and gravity casting method for Bush bearings, Tilting ... Read More

What Is 3SP Superior Surface Strengthening Process

Superior Surface Strengthening Process is a cold working process in which area to be treated is bombard with small pre-designed shots. Each piece of shot ... Read More

What Is Liquid Forging Technology (LFT)

Normally in the conventional and generally used liquid forging technology the liquid metal is poured in to the mould and pressurized to obtain close grain ... Read More

Arconomic system! What does it consists?

It is a reconditioning system derived and designed after development efforts of over three decades and exposure to variety of industrial components to provide most ... Read More

What exposure and experience of components you have?

Exposure and experience of thousands of components in last 50 years of working for cement, steel, mining, power, coal, fibre, paper, chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, fabrication, ... Read More

What scientific approach and test carried out in this system to ensure quality and reliability?

The system incorporate all components undergo vibration Stress Relieving to relieve residual stresses which might have been accumulated in service and or in failure. This ... Read More

Is it possible to repair a component on site with this system and process?

It is very much possible to do on site repair with this process. However economics should be seen as hiring and transportation of manpower and ... Read More

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