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About Us

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About Us

We provide engineering solutions in Industries for:

Critical Repairs and Reclamation of plant spares with extended life through state of the art Arconomic™ System of damaged / worn- out sophisticated component/parts of Pump, Compressor, Turbine, Gearbox, shafts, Rotors, Cylinders, Engine Blocks, Heavy Earth Moving Machines, Locomotives, Process Plant & Machinery etc. by using the state of the Art Arconomic™ technology and process for restoration of dimensions and providing special surface properties while designing repairs with a systematic and scientific approach. The rebuilding is carried out by sintering metal at supersonic velocities and at Cryogenic Temperature (-) 20º C on worn out area / journal /seat with uniform hardness, bond strength and high surface finish. This type of rebuilding rules out physical distortion, residual stresses and metallurgical changes, thereby maintaining designed strength of the component reclaimed.

Economical Manufacturing for Import/OEM substitution- We offer engineering solution for manufacturing and development of industrial/ machine spares. We also carry out reverse engineering, while in house designing, manufacturing and testing of plant spare or assembly.

We have testing, designing, analyzing & machining facility to make critical plant spares out of forging, casting or fabricated spares as an OEM or import substitute with suitable guarantee of performance. We have in house CAD design Department beside testing laboratory for various Non destructive testing including certification as per relevant ASTM / IS standard.
The spares are being developed ...
•    To get economical substitute as compared to OEM cost
•    To get extended life of newly developed part as compared to original with use of better engineering material and technical inputs.
•    To get short deliveries in order to sustain production requirements.
•    To modify the part suiting current application and process enhancement.

The industrial parts for Chemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Thermal, Hydel and Other Power plants, Steel, Mining, Sugar, Paper, Railways, Engineering establishments, Heavy engineering units, Agro industries, Cement, Petrochemicals units can be developed as one to one replacement of original part.

Heavy and Precision Machining for Job Weighing 30 Grams to 30 Tons with our Smart Tool Room & CNC Machining Facilities. Precision Accuracy in Concentricity, Perpendicularity & Parallelism in 0.003 (3 microns). Heavy Machining Accuracy in 0.01 (10 microns)
Our Smart Tool room facilities spread in 35000 sq. ft. have combination of CNC machines & SPM (special purpose machine) beside large & heavy conventional machine. We have some of the largest Machining facilities in India. The parts up to 10 meters in length and diameter up to 6 meters weighing from 30 grams to 30 tons can be machined and developed to exacting needs.  

Re Babbiting White Metal Lining of Bearings & Assemblies. Large Trunion Bearings of Ball Mill, Eccentric Assembly of Crusher, Bush Bearings of Turbine, Shafts, High Speed Spindle, White Metal Lining of bearing with Centrifugal Casting and Gravity casting methods. The material used is as per IS – 25 1979 Grades.

Onsite Services for Critical Machining, Machining, Repairs, Non Destructive Testing, Dynamic Balancing, through fleet of portable equipment virtually no limitation of Weight, Shape and Size of the Job.

Engineering services and consultancy are provided for:
•    Workshop / Machine shop/ Tool room setting up for specific product mix.
•    Process set up for Critical machining.
•    Designing and development of jigs and fixtures for multi task and multi activities in a single setting.
•    Designing and making of Special Purpose Machines on turn key basis.
•    Redesigning process, process machines for higher productivity.
•    Redesigning process, process machine to minimize rejection and to improve quality.
•    Establishing Process for quality check at various levels from raw material to finished goods.
•    Tuning and overhauling of industrial automats, process machines, Captive power plants (Electric generating sets) with remanufacturing of damaged parts.
•    Failure analysis with detailed study and suggesting corrective action with proving.
•    On site repairs, machining and testing services for DG sets, Process machines, etc.
•    Enhancing and improving efficiency of plant and process.
•    Retrofitting of machine and machine tools.

We are in this field since over Five decades and established good credit with proven and cost effective engineering solution & methods. With an average experience of over 20 years of team members, we provide services in most professional manner. All work is backed with suitable guarantee of performance and is carried out by well-trained, qualified and experienced team of engineers. With an expertise and long standing in the field of high reliability repairs and with our commitment to deliver quality jobs to exacting needs, we have been favored with repeat orders which are best evidence of quality services provided by us.


----Parts regularly attended----

 Crankshaft * Turbine Rotor * Large Piston * Cylinders * High Speed Shaft * Plungers * Barrel * Labyrinth * Trunion bearing * Engine Block * Gate, Ball, MOV, Stem Valves * Rebabbiting *  Connecting Rod * Piston Rod * Housings / Casings * Slewing Bearings * Pinion * Screw element/ Lobe * Rotor * Armature * Coupling * Gears  & Geared Shaft * Valve Block * Manifold * Suction – Discharge Valve * Shaft sleeve * Spline Shaft * Turbine Shaft * Turbo Charger Shaft * Wiping Cylinder * Valve Guide * Tie Rod * Pulverizer Shaft * PA/FD/ID Fan shaft * Lantern * Journal Housing * Impeller Shaft * Impeller * Gear Box and gearbox housing * End Covers * Flange * Diffuser * Cylinder Roll * Crosshead body & Shoe * Blower * Bush Bearings* Anti friction bearing * Thrust Pad * Tilting Pad * Fan * Tapper Plug valves * Guide bush * valve body * valve cover * Rotor Shaft * Torque converter * Magnetorque Rotor * Geared Coupling * etc.