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We provide engineering solutions in Industries for:Critical Repairs and Reclamation of plant spares with extended life through state of the art Arconomic™ System of damaged

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The company is spread over 65000 sq ft of area with in plant guest house & lush green gardens, auditorium and plant buildings. Conveniently located

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Providing following engineering services since 1965

  • Reverse Engineering and Manufacturing of plant spares as OEM substitute as one to one replacement.
  • Rebuilding and Repairing of critical plant spares through state of the art technologies with extended life.
  • Critical Machining of heavy and precision components from 30 grams to 30 Tons.
  • Reconditioning of Large Slewing Ring Bearings & Antifriction Bearings.
  • Rebabbitting / White Metal Lining of bush Bearings, Thrust / Tilting Pad, etc.
  • Manufacturing of Bi and Tri Metallic Bush Bearings, Pads, etc.
  • On site repairs and machining through fleet of portable machine tools.


A crankshaft contains two or more centrally-located coaxial cylindrical ("main") journals and one or more offset cylindrical crankpin ("rod") journals. The two-plane V8 crankshaft pictured in Figure 1 has five main journals and four rod ...

Turbine Rotor

The gas and steam turbine rotor manufacturing process employs our unique technology. The forged rotor sections are machined, inspected and then automatically welded together. This technique is unique to our manufacturing process. It ensures high ...

Slewing bearing

slewing bearings are machine elements which absorb all axial and radial forces and the resulting tilting moments in a single self-retaining and ready-to-install unit. Their low profile and an excellent weight/performance ratio, open center, and ...


Without baffles, most impellers styles impose a tangential flow pattern. With baffles, most impellers show their true flow characteristics. Impellers are sorted here by the flow patterns they were intended to create, radial flow impellers ...

Re Babbitting & White Metal Lining

Re Babbitting White Metal Lining of Bearings & Assemblies with Centrifugal Casting and Gravity casting methods. Manufacturing and Rebabbiting:- White Metal Lined Bush Bearing and Thrust Pad. •    Marine, Auto and  stationary diesel engines and other reciprocating ...

Engineering Consultancy

Engineering services and consultancy are provided for: Workshop / Machine shop/ Tool room setting up for specific product mix. Process set up for Critical machining. Designing and development of jigs and fixtures for multi task and multi activities ...

Heavy and Precision Machining

We provide heavy and precision machining for Job Weighing 30 Grams to 30 Tons with our Smart Tool Room & CNC Machining Facilities. Precision Accuracy in Concentricity, Perpendicularity & Parallelism in 0.003 (3 microns). Heavy ...

Critical Repairs and Reclamation

Critical Repairs and Reclamation of plant spares with extended life while practicing state of the art Arconomic™ process, Vibroshield wels process and system to salvage damaged / worn- out sophisticated component/parts of Pump, Compressor, Turbine, ...